How about sharing this space with friends?

Here, I offer photographer friends of mine the opportunity to feature their work on my website. This gives you a wider choice and the opportunity to see and buy other artworks. These exhibitions are temporary and usually last for two months. 

The whole production (printing, framing...) and handling of your order is done by me. I guarantee the same quality standards regarding craftsmanship in printing as in framing. For more information see Craftsmanship. | Please contact me if you have any questions.

This exhibition's guest photographer is:

Martin Stünzi - an enviroment photographer in Zürich

«For almost 40 years I have been engaged creatively with my immediate environment. In my artistic works and in my projects, I try to penetrate, understand and realise the essence of water and the tranquillity and energy of natural landscapes. Water is an infinitely diverse substance and appears as ice, liquid or steam sometimes soft, gentle, quiet and invigorating, but also hard, threatening, loud and hostile to life. I am magically attracted by the power and variety of forms of flowing water and the traces it leaves behind.

I hope to contribute to more sensitivity and respect for life in all its forms through my perspective.» Martin Stünzi

- Exhibition extended til end of January 2022 -

Extra feature: young talent

Finn Jörg - a street photographer

He is an 18 year old aspiring photographer with a passion for nuanced black and white images as well as capturing detailed structures. I want to support young upcoming artists and therefore give Finn the opportunity to present some of his work to you.

- Exhibition lasts til end of January 2022 -