How about sharing this space with friends?

The friends gallery is a space that offers other photographers, personally chosen by Reto Cortesi, a space to present their work. This gives you a wider choice and the opportunity to see and buy other artworks. These exhibitions are temporary and usually last for two months. 

The whole production (printing, framing etc.) and handling of your order will be taken care of by Reto. Quality standards regarding craftsmanship in printing as well as framing are guaranteed. For more information see Craftsmanship. | If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to fill in this contact form.

This exhibition's guest photographers are:

Karin & Michael Rüegg -

Karin and Michael work together as a photographic duo. Their work focus is on nature, landscape and minimalist photography. Karin strives to show the genuine beauty and aesthetics of her subjects. Michael likes to show the ordinary in an unusual way. His early dedication on graphical works strongly influences the way he processes his photography.

- Exhibition til end of May 2022 -